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Travelling to Africa has never been safer.

This page is to explain what to expect during your trip to Southern Africa.

Travelling post-covid

Travelling in the post-covid era needs all of us to adapt to new ways, on our side we have, in accordance with our local partners committed to ease our terms and conditions.

No deposits required at confirmation.

– Special COVID flexible cancellation policies.

– Special rates and discounts in case of a postponement.




Hygiene and Safety protocols

During your trip to Southern Africa you will observe very strict protocols in all public spaces such as shops, malls, restaurants, transports and hotels.

– Regular sanitizing of all surfaces.

Scanning and sanitizing of all people (clients and staff) entering the premises.

Daily scan of your hotel or lodge’s staff.

Social distancing practiced nationally.

Masks are compulsory in most of the public areas.


Top Medical care.

South Africa is famous for the excellence of their hospitals and medical care. Over the years many medical and scientific discoveries were made in South Africa: the CT scan, the retinal cryoprobe, (an advanced in the treatment of cataract), the digital laser, huge advance in stem cell science, the full body x-ray, the smart lock syringe, the world’s first middle ear transplant and of course the world’s first heart transplant and some of the other huge advancement made by the nation.

Needless to say, that should you need any care while travelling, you will find state of the art facilities and staff.

So you are always safe !


Going on a safari has never been better, you will enjoy :

– The high level of professionalism and very strict protocols put in place for your safety : less people on the safari vehicle, plated meals (no buffet, minimal handling), regular sanitizing of your room etc…

– The isolation and safety of the lodge.

– With all that’s in place and less travelers, going on a safari now, means more exclusivity than ever.

– The wildlife has been flourishing during the lockdown, and the sightings are more amazing than ever.

A new way to travel

We have selected a few lodges and retreats that are ideal for people who would like to take their time to deeply experience their destination, as well as reconnect with each other. We are moving away from fast pace itineraries that are high on carbon footprint and low on the beneficial impact for you and your loved ones and are really encouraging our travelers to unpack their bags and enjoy a true immersion in Africa.

It makes for safe trips, but it also allows you to meet locals and build an authentic relationship, as well as give you time to let your destination impact you and build long lasting memories


As the information get out we will update our countries’ pages with all the relevant covid requirements and conditions.

At this stage Kenya and Tanzania are the two countries that are most open, with the least restrictions.

Zambia, Namibia and South Africa are opened to tourism but with restrictions.

Botswana and Mozambique remain closed at this stage.

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