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South Africa


South Africa is a land of great diversity, that will change you deeply. A visit to South Africa, happens both outwards, as you drive through the vast landscapes of the country and inwards as you let the people tell you their stories:  of a broken past and a difficult present, they will give you hope when you see their strength and they will move you to the core, with their warm authentic sense of hospitality.
South Africa holds more than 2000 km of superb coastline, it hosts a huge amount of animals, holds a fascinating history, speaks 11 national languages and is home to many ethnic and cultural groups. A trip to South Africa allows the travelers to combine the discovery of a rich culture and the buzzing cities to the enthralling Safari.



  • Spectacular and varied landscapes
  • Some of the best game reserves on the continent
  • Some of the best restaurants in the world
  • A large choice of accommodations from glamping to luxurious retreats
  • And a wealth of activities

Come and visit our Rainbow Nation, we know that you will come back over and over again….


South Africa with malaria fees game reserves, it's mild climate and tons of age appropriate activities is the dream destination for families of all shape and ages
11 nights / 12 days
All ages+
South Africa is one of the best Golfing destinations in the World! We have many very highly ranked golf courses all over the country which allows you to combine your passion to an extensive trip around our Rainbow Nation.
The KwaZulu Natal, a coastal region of South Africa situated East of the country is a place that boasts a rich historical and cultural heritage, superb landscapes, and wildlife. KwaZulu, ‘The Place of the Zulu’ is a hilly region that […]
Discover the wild beauty of South Africa's northernmost province, Limpopo, as well as unforgettable wildlife encounters in Southern Botswana with this off-the-beaten-path experience: get ready to be blown away!
All ages+
The garden route lies along the southern coastline of South Africa and is one of the most iconic holiday destinations of the country. It's mild climate and wealth of activities makes it an ideal destination for first timers as well as for families with little children.
All ages+

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