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5 surprising experiences in Namibia

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but havind new eyes_Marcel Proust

#5 Mowani Mountain Camp

Mowani Mountain Camp

Mowani is an eco lodge at the heart of the Damaraland which is one of the most interesting regions of Namibia. There you will find wide and magnificent valleys punctuated with giant boulders and koppies, which are home to the UNESCO world Heritage Site of rock paintings in Twyfelfontein, you will see the geological wonders of the Burnt Mountain and the organ pipes or you will track the elusive Desert Elephants or Desert adapted lions. In the midst of all this rich environment is Mowani (and their sister lodge, Kipwe) who welcome you in a high level of comfort while being perfectly responsible of their environment. Mowani also ensure that their staff and the surrounded communities are well looked after, in order to keep the cohesion on all levels.

#4 Onguma The Fort

Onguma The Fort

A very surprising piece of architecture that welcomes you in a dramatic Moroccan-Afro design, overlooking the plains of Etosha.

The lodge’s aesthetic warmth is matched and echoed in its hospitality, which is carried out by a team of friendly staff who attend to your every need. The lodge is situated across a massive and prolific waterhole which you can enjoy from the comfort of the deck, as much as some of the most beautiful sunsets in the country. From the Fort you can enjoy drives in both Etosha and the Onguma reserve as well as interpretive bush walks, visits to the hide or massage therapy.

#3 Wolvedans


Wolvedans Dune Lodge

Wolvedans is one of the most fantastic reserves and conservation initiatives in the country, focused on sustainability, they take into account their rapport both with nature (eco-lodge) and humanity (social development). This is one our favorites spots and we warmly recommend a stay at one of their camps, where you will experience a true connection with nature and with yourself. Indeed, nothing is more moving than to find oneself in the heart of the desert immensity of the Namibrand Nature Reserve,  the grandeur and the ultimate silence will allow you a deep and soulful connection, a shift within…

#2 Desert Whisper

namibia, desert

Desert Whisper Lodge

Silence… Vast open untouched desert… and silence…

Desert Whisper is an exclusive retreat for two, it is set a distance between the golden expanse of the Namib and the soft Naukluft Mountains that extends to the horizon. The unique pod-like architecture of this house reminds one of a cocoon. It has been designed using shapes and colors that blends with nature, and offers a high level of comfort. Your private house, comes with a plunge pool, and you will enjoy a list of activities guided or unguided,  such as : walking trails, e-bike, nature drives. Desert Whisper is situated 1 hr 40 from the entrance to Sossusvlei, you can use the lodge as your point of entry to the sand dunes or combine it with a lodge that is inside the national park.

#1 Shipwreck Lodge

namibia, skeleton coast, shipwreck lodge, natural selection

Shipwreck Lodge

A rugged and desperately remote piece of land, extends along treacherous waters : the Skeleton Coast which has been synonymous with danger for mariners throughout history. This infamous coast has been declared a national park, where sand dunes meet the ocean, strewn with shipwrecks. Despite the harsh condition of this area, the national park is rich in wildlife : Elephants, lions, brown hyenas, birds and other desert-adapted wildlife are at home in this unforgiving land.

Situated within the protected park, stands the Shipwreck Lodge, whose unusual architecture is reminiscent of a wrecked vessel.

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