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Zambia offers one of the wildest and most authentic safari experiences that remain today. The country offers many outstanding game reserves, the two more famous ones : South Luangwa is the pioneer in walking safari and the Lower Zambezi combines water and land experiences.

After the intense rhythm of a safari, you can finish off with a relaxing stay on the mighty Zambezi River that feeds the imaginations and enriches your soul feel as you drift along magnificent landscapes.

You may choose to finish off with a visit to the world famous Victoria Falls, some of the most majestic in the world, which  extend between Zimbabwe and Zambia which is a stunning spot to observe them from (in the high season, more particularly).

In Zambia you will meet warm people with an astute sense of hospitality and who are eager to share their fascinating traditions with you. The Zambian fine-dining experience at Royal Chundu will always remain one of our most cherished memory !

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Romantic Zambeze and Chobe

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