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South Africa

South Africa

The  country’s nickname: the Rainbow Nation couldn’t be more suited to this land of diversity. It also represents the beauty that rises from mixing rain : our dark past with sun: the hope and determination that is so deeply ingrained in our people.

This vast expanse of land offers many different landscapes, cultures and attractions. Because of its size, but also to allow you to get an understanding of the varied cultures of South Africa we recommend that you visit South Africa several times, allowing enough time to discover each of this amazing country’s unique provinces.

South Africa, Garden Route

A kaleidoscope of landscapes

Traditionally, the best way to discover South Africa is road tripping through the country’s immense and varied landscapes. You can drive, or let a guide take the wheel. You will be amazed at the constant changes in the vistas as you take on one of the many scenic roads in the country. From semi deserted areas, to lush jungles, mountains and white sanded coastlines, savannahs populated with wild animals or islands home to seals and penguins, the amazement is endless. 

When you contact us for a consultation, we will get to know you and your little group, and determine together which route is best suited to you. We will combine our extensive knowledge of the country with our sincere attention to your expectations and offer you a program to delight the whole party. 

Good to Know


South Africa

Travel requirements

Visa not needed for most nations, enquire. Negative PCR test compulsory.

Languages spoken

11 national languages

Curency used

ZAR - Rands

Area (km2)

1.221 million km²


We are sensitive to the safety element that has come into play this last year and we strongly advise that you plan some retreats during your visit to South Africa, and focus on immersing yourself deeply in one or two areas instead of moving constantly and trying to get to see everything in a short time. Our country is perfect for that, with spacious lodges in the heart of the wilderness, you can stay in one place and enjoy a wealth of activities in the safety of your lodge.

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